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Kanha is Mowgli’s Sweet Home  As per today there are 131 Tigers in Kanha National Park  And, Kipling uncle  gave me a human shape in my own nature and ecosystem. He named me, Mowgli-- I was lucky that in the most natural habitats of Kanha, with the innocent creatures. I was brought up in the laps of mother Wolves, the avuncular Bhaloo-the bear; my wise mentor Bagheera- the panther;
Kaa- the Python; and those rowdy monkeys, the bunder log and Sher Kahn- The tiger.  

Rudyard Kipling:-  British author and Nobel Laureate, set his tales of the boy brought up by wolves in the Jungle of KanhaNational Park in  'The Jungle Book'.
 Kanha National Park: Kanha National park is located in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh and it extends over an  area  of over 1,940-sq-kms. The major feature of this region's interesting topography is the horseshoe shape valley and the whole park area is surrounded by the spurs of the Mekal. By a special statue in 1955, Kanha national park came into being since then, a series of stringent conservation programmes for the protection of the park’s flora and fauna has given Kanha its deserved reputation for being one of the finest and best  administered national parks in Asia, an irresistible attraction for all wild life  lovers a true haven for  its animal and avian  population. Kanha  national park has 22 species of  mammals. Those most  easily spotted are TIGER, Indian hare, Indian  wild dog, the Stripped Palm  Squirrel, Common  langur, Jackal, Wild Pig, Chital or Spotless deer, Barasingha or Swamp deer,  Sambar and black  Buck.

 Patient watching should reward the visitor, with a sight of Indian Fox, Sloth bear, Striped  hyena, Jungle cut, Lepord, Mouse Deer, Chausingha or four horned antelope, Nilgai, Ratel and  Porcupine.

Avian Species: Kanha National Park has some 200 species of birds. Watchers should station  themselves in the hills, where the mixed and bamboo forests harbour many  species and in the grassy forest clearings. Water birds can be seen near the                          park’s many rivulets and at Sarvantal, a pool that is frequented by water birds and the area in front of the museum.

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Kanha’s Sal and Bamboo forest ,rolling grasslands and meandering stream stretch over the 940 km. The abundance and wild life species in Kanha national park, forms the core of the Kanha tiger reserve created in1974 under project tiger. The park is only habitat of the rare hard grounder Barasingha.
Hotels/Resorts at Kanha (Cervus Duvaceli Branderi). In 1930s, the Kanha area was divided into two santuaries; Hallon and Banjar of 250kms to 300kms each. Though one of these was subsequently disbanded .The area remained a protected one until 1947. Depletion of the tiger population in the year that followed led to the area being made an absolute sanctuary in 1952.

Information Center:
How to Reach Kanha National Park:
By Air:
                Jabalpur at 200 -kms is the nearest airport connected 
                directly with New Delhi airport to visit Kanha National 
                Park and Nagpur at 266-kms is Connected by various 
                domestic airline services with Mumbai.
               Jabalpur at 175-kms is the convenient rail head to 
               visit Kanha.
              Kanha National Park is connected by road with Jabalpur
              175-kms, Khajuraho  445-kms, Nagpur 266-kms,                                                                                                                                            
              Raipur 219-kms. Within the park: Koshi - Kanha (9-kms),
              Kishi - Katia (4-kms),   Kishi - Mukki (32-kms).
             There are regular to and fro bus service available from 
              Jabalpur to Kanha.    

Best Season to Visit Kanha National Park:
February to June although cool season (October to February)  is much more comfortable and still very good for  wildlife. The park is closed from July 01 to October 01 because of the monsoon. 

Park Visit Timings
1. 15 November to 15 February - Sunrise to 12.00 noon and 3.00 pm to Sunset.                     2. 16 February to 30 April - Sunrise to 1200 noon and 4.00 pm to Sunset.                        3. 1 May to 30 June - Sunrise to 11.00 am and 5.00 pm to Sunset.

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